FAQ’s about Pressure Washing

They are the same thing. The most important thing to know is that Burnaby Pressure Washing will use the right amount of pressure to clean your specific surface so that it isn’t damaged.

Your specific surface, whether it’s concrete, vinyl siding, wood, or otherwise, will dictate the right amount of pressure, the correct cleaning products, and the type of pressure washing equipment to use. We have the technical knowledge and years of experience that enable us to clean your surface correctly, thoroughly, and safely. We’ll make sure it’s spotless! For example, cleaning your concrete will not only beautify it but also protect it from future damage by removing unwanted dirt and grime buildup, not to mention slippery surfaces that can cause injury to people who walk on it.

In addition, without the proper training, you are putting your safety at risk by doing the job yourself. Accidental high pressure on your skin can cause serious injury.

Yes, we will effectively kill and remove the mold, mildew, and algae spores that are growing on your concrete, roofing, or siding using the proper chemical cleaning solutions. We do this by getting into the roots of these nuisances so they don’t grow back, effectively preventing further damage.

Yes, we will use specialized cleaning solutions and either a surface cleaner or pressure washing wand to remove oil, grease, brake and transmission fluids, rust, and even bird droppings!

Yes, we will remove old and peeling deck paint. We remove all mildew, mold, algae, grease, oil, dirt, dust, and moisture BEFORE we apply the right stain, varnish, and paint to your wood surface. The reason we do this is to make sure the stain, varnish, and paints penetrate and stick to the wood so unnecessary peeling is prevented.

It depends on the surface. In order to prevent unwanted elements like dirt from building up, we usually recommend that you wash your concrete, wooden deck, and/or fence on a case by case and as-needed basis. Our roof wash typically last 3 or so years, and our home soft washing typically lasts a year.

Yes, IF you don’t have the proper training to clean your surface properly. For example, siding can easily be ripped off and decks can easily be cracked without using the right amount of pressure and proper chemicals.

In contrast to power washing and normal pressure washing, soft washing uses low water pressure combined with the proper chemical solutions to clean more delicate surfaces safely so as to not cause damage. In addition, power washing generally uses much hotter water than pressure washing to clean tough stains.

We make a strong effort to use eco-friendly and green cleaning products. The specific surface and how dirty it is will dictate how much and which chemicals we need to use. In some cases, we won’t need to use any chemicals to clean concrete. Being the professionals that we are, we have flat surface cleaners designed specifically for cleaning concrete. To clean your deck, the type of chemicals we use will depend on the type of deck you have and the staining application that you are using on it.